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Life Insurance 
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The most important policy we offer at the Ashton Insurance Agency is LIFE INSURANCE.  Unfortunately life can throw us curve balls and although dying can be a tough thing to talk about, having life insurance in place when those left behind need it most, is invaluable! Knowing those you love the most or those that rely on you will have the time and resources they need  when you are gone will provide you great peace of mind.  Determining how much you need and how much you can contribute can be overwhelming, and that is where the Ashton Insurance Agency is here to help! 

Term Insurance

Term is generally a life insurance policy where the premium remains level for a certain term,generally 10, 20, or 30 years.  After that period of time coverage can continue but it generally will increase in price each year.  This type of policy is great start.

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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is as its name state….for your whole life and is permanent insurance.  Over time whole life insurance policies typically accumulates a cash value that that you may be able to accessed for a variety of reasons while you are still alive.

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Universal Life Insurance

Life Whole Life, Universal Life is also permanent insurance but also includes a cash value component.  Universal Life policies can be tailored to fit your priorities and budget.  Based on the type of policy, we offer Variable, Index, and Universal, you control how quickly your cash grows. 

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